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The Mastweiler: The Dog For Everyone

Emmy & Ruger Mastweilers - December 2013

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Click on the Image Above or Here to View the Litter's Photo Album


This is a repeat breeding of Ruger and Emmy, of which I retained two pups previously, Remy (90lbs, 8 Months) and Amelia (82lbs at 8 Months) . There are 2 pups available from this litter. Expected adult size of these pups is in the 115 to 130lb+ range. Some very thick pups, I see more of the heavy mastiff bone that will structurally look like Remy, but a few of this litter did have Amelia's build, which favors her mother, rottweiler more. There were 9 pups in this litter and 7 have already been placed.

Females are $600, Males $650 (no males available now)
Ready Now
Delivery (driving and meeting partway) and Shipping are available depending on where you live.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
text: 419-202-0945

Clicking on the links/pictures below will take you to that pups' most recent photos



CH Sango - Grandfather


Siblings On-Site

1 Year Old
Chloe, 50/50 First Generation
Beau is the Dam, Ruger the Sire
(Chloe was the "runt" of her litter)



Full Pedigree


Wits End Ruger Ar
WS347964/07 05-12
Brindle Black Mask

Marmaduke Of Cedar Ridge
WS228181/08 05-10
Brindle Black Mask
AKC DNA #V653501

Kobe Knight
WS109155/01 11-07
Brindle Black Mask

Walter Huger Easy Money
WS028644/03 05-04
Fawn Black Mask

Huger Big Foot
WP821537/12 07-00
AKC DNA #V192080

Aces Special Katie Girl
WP999701/10 05-03
Fawn Black Mask

Tuckasee's Miss Mandy
WP867812/02 10-00
Brindle Black Mask

Tuckasee's Ceaser Agustis
WP749027/02 08-98
Brindle Black Mask
AKC DNA #V124008

Tuckasee's Sugar Cline Patsy
WP630758/01 03-97
Fawn Black Mask

Abbegale Goddess Athena
WS075545/06 11-07
Fawn Black Mask

Aces Prince Charming Samson
WP925242/13 02-01
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V167263

Cathys Bear Mountain High
WP592515/03 08-96
Fawn Black Mask

Mastiff Cove Miss Meriwether
WP516815/01 11-95
Fawn Black Mask

Aces Gingerbread Girl
WR052159/12 06-04
Fawn Black Mask

Huger Big Foot
WP821537/12 07-00
AKC DNA #V192080

Lady V
WP895272/04 08-01

Enchanteds Mystical Meadow
WS229882/07 05-10
Apricot Black Mask

Majestic's Medieval Kodiak Bear
WS061459/01 04-06
Apricot Black Mask

Lionhearted Medieval Man
WP869752/02 07-00
Brindle Black Mask

CH Double D Cameo's Mario
WP348037/01 11-98

Lionhearted Double D Mariah
WP664942/01 11-98
Brindle Black Mask

Autos Majestic Peaches -N-Cream
WR004380/06 03-04
Apricot Black Mask

Auto Of Subaru
WP808309/01 03-01
Apricot Black Mask

Benoit's Majestic Molly
WP733325/01 12-98

Lionhearted Mabel Malone
WS006718/10 03-04
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V522238

CH Lionhearted Maximum Power
WP987451/01 01-02
Fawn Black Mask
OFA24F OFEL24 AKC DNA #V222075

Lionhearted Medieval Man
WP869752/02 07-00
Brindle Black Mask

Grizzlys Total Eclipse
WP875091/03 11-00
Brindle Black Mask

Lionhearted Star Of India
WP826503/03 08-99
Fawn Black Mask

CH Eastland's Sir Bates
WP409569/05 08-95
Fawn Black Mask

Lionhearted Goliath's Emily
WP467010/08 03-95
Fawn Black Mask


 Emeline von Vixen 

2PRM 6XCAC 3BOB Rcacib CICAB CH Sango Se Ungo-Rot 

2xCACIB 6xRCACIB 11xCAC INT CH Marsio Ri Mobby Dick 

2PRM 5CAC BOB BOG R.bis Herkul vom Haus Nina 

WJS, Int'l/Bul/Hun/Yug CH Falko vom Sittard HD- ED+

2xPRM13xCAC 3xR.CAC Honda Ri Mobby Dick IPO I HD-Frai

 Fe Ri Mobby Dick 

Young Winner Hoss vom Grossen Tal 

 Marea Ri Mobby Dick 

3xPRM CHJSCG, 2xRCAC 6xCAC CH Kala (Yug) 

 Boss od Dragicevica 

ES' 01 Morro vom Hause Marker SchH I, AD, BH, Ztp, HD-, ED-

Int-Ch, Yu Ch Hera od Dragicevica IPO I

 Megi (Yugoslavia) 

 Sax Lopaska 

Tifany (Yugoslavia) 

 Burns Elite Cheyenne von Mystique 

3PRM JCHSCG Noris von Kelemen 

Multi V-1, Dutch Klubsieger '04, Yug Youth CH Ramzes Crni Lotos HD-free ED-free

PRM CAC R.CAC Gref Crni Lotos 

Yug Ch Daisy Crni Lotos IPO I

Yug Youth CH Fiola vom Kelemen IPO I HD- ED-

10X V-1 Yug CH. 10 x CAC, CACIB Beni (Yugo) IPO I, HD-


 Athena vom Hamblin 

Wsg 2001, INT.Ch, Yug./Hun. Ch Bronko od Dragicevica IPO 3 HD- ED-

FCI/Am/Can/Aust/Hun/Slovak/Yug CH Gil Crni Lotos IPO I, RO-57067G29M-T, RO-EL2674M29-T

 Lola (Yugoslavia) 

4 x CAC Hena Se Ungo-Rot IPO I

Young Winner Hoss vom Grossen Tal 

Multi V, J Yug CH, CH Yug 10PRM, 20 CAC, CACIB, Ina-Isly Se Ungo-Rot IPO 1, Balkan Sieg.

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I Don’t Know If She Was Almost Human, But She Sure Made Me Almost Dog.

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Sage & the coat I made for herCoco and Sage wrapped up in bedSage & NapoleonMarisa and SageCoco and Sage going to the prom!Sage and Zeus swimming together in the pondCoco and Sage and MarisaJill & Sage

May 17, 2012

It is hard to believe that it was five years ago today that I lost MY first dog, my baby girl Sage.    She was hit by a car in front of my farm in Ohio.  She was raising a litter of pups who had just turned 4 weeks old.  It was her only litter.

I heard her get hit and for the longest time that sound haunted me, day and night.  I can still see her laying there in my head. She was still alive when I reached to her.  Some nice people stopped, helped me and got my other dogs that had followed me out to the road to my girl.   I pulled her dying body onto the grass and weeped over her.   They suggested I take her into the vet, and it made sense at the time, I was completely lost in emotion.   My boyfriend at the time pulled up while I was inside grabbing my keys and in shock found the dog he loved as well laying almost lifeless… she died in his arms.

It was surreal… the moment, the hours following, I was sick with grief, literally.   I still don’t know if I have ever been that overcome with pain as there are very few people or animals I spent nearly as much time with as I did that girl.   Sage and I were inseparable.

I promised her I would continue to follow my passion for dogs because of her, of this great friendship and love we shared together.   She wasn’t just a dog, she wasn’t just a Rottweiler, she was one of my best friends.

I didn’t even realize today was the 17th until when late last night, I was going through the pictures of the first two grandbabies of hers that will be staying with me, Sig and her namesake, Sage, and it occurred to me that today was the day.  I can’t believe it has been five years already.   Five years since she laid in my arms.  Five years since I last talked to her.  Five years since she drove me crazy!!!  What a difference five years makes in a lifetime.

We did it Sage!   We made it.  I made it because you let met love you the way I do best.   I made it because I never let you leave my heart and this passion I have for caring for all these creatures is a direct result of the way you loved me.   I am so grateful for our short time together on this earth.   You were my best friend.   You were my protector.  I’ll always love you baby girl.   Thank you so much for this beautiful life and the fact I get to share this love with so many people.    You blessed me in so many ways.    Thank you girl.   Take care of all your buddies up there with you and one day we will play together again.   I miss you and love you with all my heart.  Always, my sweet Baby Sage….


Pictures of her first grandpups:  Sig and Sage 2.0!

Sage and Sig



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